We recommend to first download a fully operationable trial version free of charge, to check, if the software meets your requirements and expectations.

To remove all shareware restrictions you should register the software, i.e. get your personal license key. Then you should enter it into the software to activate.

Virtual Playtable is new, and while the feedback to our early releases has been very positive there are still a few features we think it should have before it's officially branded "1.0". So as a thank you for your feedback and support we're offering a discount to Virtual Playtable licenses purchased before the release of version 1.0.

      Virtual Playtable (Personal license)  -  $49.90   $30   Buy Now   40% OFF until ver 1.0 released
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Your license key will be delivered by email immediately after the purchase.

Personal license lets you use our software on one computer at the same time. It means you may install the software onto your desktop and notebook computers, but use only one copy at the same time.

A license purchased for Virtual Playtable do not expire and includes all point updates.

What Our Users Say

'Awesome product. I can see im going to lose a lot of sleep with this. Lol. Plus what an awesome way to find out how good your deck is before lashing out all the dollars to buy those cards. User friendly aswell. It will save me hundreds to thousands in the future by not buying cards that look like they work but don't. I just want to say thank you and keep up the good work.' -greglittleboy

'I recently stumbled upon Virtual Playtable searching for a means to play test some mtg decks. I tried everything from tapped out to mtg workstation and let me say, this program is amazing! After about 30 mins messing around on the free version I immediately purchased the license. Just wanted to let you know how awesome this program is!' -Kalis

'I love this game but its not enought known by the magic players. In my local store in Spain i told everybody to download, try and BUY it. I also posted about it in my favourite forum.
So tell me, what have you done? =)' -intelntl

'Clean, clever and convenient, VPT(as I call it for short) is a future replacement for any other MTG online-play software. Now I can get rid of those offline-picture packs. And no more complex installing steps are needed. Virtual Playtable has provided an alternative to MTG programs.' -theoxuan

'Nice program. Very impressed. Thanks.' -Ukko