Virtual Playtable is a software for Collectible Card Games players, that helps you organize your own trading cards collection, search for cards, create decks and practice with them.

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07-Oct-2019: [ New ]  Game module for "Magic: the Gathering" updated to "Throne of Eldraine" set.

28-Jan-2019:   Virtual Playtable version 0.95 released.

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Basic features of Virtual Playtable is powerful deck editor with a complete multilingual trading cards database. The cards database is searchable and filterable so that you can quickly find the right card for your deck. To practice sealed deck building you can create booster packs for chosen sets, and use them to build a deck. Solo draft simulator and deck testing also available. Collection managment will be implemented soon.

The supported trading card games are Arcane Towers and Magic the Gathering. In our future plans support of some other collectible card games.